Humor... sense of enthusiasm for travel... book learning backed up with real world experience... outstanding communications skills to impart a love for their material...
this could fit any of our instructors! Below are mini-descriptions of some of our instructors. Individually our leaders are energetic, bright and qualified; together they represent the finest quality leaders available!

Ken Ostrand is one of those individuals to whom the title ‘renaissance man’ can be honestly attached. Growing up in Wisconsin, he was an outstanding high school athlete, lettering in three sports and holding the state high school record for career wins. A state Honors’ Scholar, he attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned an Honors BA [in history] and was named one of the University’s Three Most Outstanding Men—while he put himself through school working as a Housefellow. The University of Missouri-Columbia followed, where he received the University’s highest award, the University Fellowship. Along with his MA and PhD from that University in Ancient (Roman) History and Archaeology, he was named a Fulbright Fellow [to West Germany] to study Roman coinage.

An academic career followed—at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Ohio State University, University of New Orleans and later Villanova University. During this career he earned three college Outstanding (and three national) Teacher awards, and published or spoke nationally on topics ranging from pedagogy to archaeology, Ancient and Medieval History to Continuing Education.  He continues to research and publish, with several articles currently in press, pending or being researched. He continues to excavate as well: his recent archaeology includes Monte Testaccio in Rome (2010) and Pompeii (2011).

Ken Ostrand

His real love throughout this academic life was educational travel, however. After leading what he described as ‘the worst educational trip ever’ he persevered, leading trips abroad for both adult and undergraduate learners and publishing widely in the field; his Trips and Tours Manual is still cited for its importance to the field.

To date he has led over 200 educational trips abroad to more than 40 countries on four continents, mostly doing his own lecturing. He is most proud of the fact that over a four decade career of leading trips his annual percentage of  repeat travelers has never dipped below 50%, and most years it is over 60%, a number far exceeding any in the industry.

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Kenneth Orosz is a specialist in nineteenth century France and Germany, and a frequent visitor to France and much of Western Europe.

Another of our gifted younger instructors, Ken is multi-talented, with a world of experience. As the child of US Foreign Service personnel, he grew up overseas, moving on to London for his High School after previous schooling in Belgium. His facility for languages and wide-ranging interests led him to Africa, where his dissertation dealt with French and German Language policies in colonial West Africa in the late nineteenth century. Whew!

Armed with knowledge, enthusiasm and a charming British accent, "Ken the Younger" (as we like to call him) is an ideal travel leader!


Ken Orosz


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