I feel so lucky to have found you. My trip last year with you folks was absolutely the best. And i will never look elsewhere for a trip. DE, barge trip - 2011

Athens to Istanbul was another wonderfully interesting and innovative IH trip which I again enjoyed immensely. TJ, - 2011

The trip was a dream come true! I loved the untouched sites and I especially loved the nature on Mousa. Actually I loved it all! SJ, Scotland -2011

Seems like awesome adventures await you and those who are smart enough to follow you! RH

Just for the record, we did this trip with Linda a few years ago, and it was one of our all-time favorite trips. AV for Safari - 2012

I just got back from Scotland....wonderful, wonderful trip....it far exceeded my expectations. JF Scotland -2011

Ken and Linda, as I unpack and also download my pictures today, I can not help but look back on a wonderful trip to the Shetland and Orkney Islands of Scotland, as well as the city of Edinburgh. And with that, I want to thank you so much for all the planning and work and efforts you have done to make this IH trip another memorial one.

The local guides you selected, the two Davids, were both so knowledgeable and personable. Also, having the same bus and driver who was so careful and caring in providing good transportation was an added value. And Ken, your extensive knowledge and sharing of the Scottish archaeology and ancient cultures, and also Edinburgh history and architecture added so much to my understanding an area in world history that I knew so little about until now.

Thanks for the hours of preparation you did on this!!! The hotels were all so nice and centrally located for ease of walking and comfort. It was fun to take the Northlink ferries overnight as an added unique experience. And the restaurants and meals were all very high quality and delectable as well. So it is with sincerest appreciation that I thank you again for the Scotland experiences that were enlightening and educational and so enjoyable. Gratefully, TJ Scotland - 2011

I am so thankful to have gone to Egypt - truly an experience of a lifetime. CG - 2011

Thanks so very much for a great vacation. You are fabulous, very attentive, fun, knowledgeable and a charming host. CK - Egypt 2011

Months, after years, are spent working out details for each IH trip which is always the best in the business. Thank you for encouraging travelers to be respectful, attentive, punctual and willing to learn more about our fellow tenants on the amazing planet. - MB (too many trips to list)

Love that you keep searching for 'new' facts... I'm sure you've seen the Aug and Sept issues of Nat'l Geographic-- both having articles relating to Egypt -AND because of you (as I have said before) I've seen and/or learned about these topics traveling with you.. IT IS SO TERRIFIC... J.M, Egypt (several times!)

I'd like to thank you again for a wonderful and inspiring trip. As this was my first "tour," I was happily surprised by how smoothly it all went. It was a good group with great leadership. P. S. - Morocco 2010

Thank you for yet another great trip! A.H. - Morocco 2010

Thanks for another wonderful adventure. Lots of surprises about Morocco for me! And a great chance to greet old friends and make some new ones.
R.S. -Morocco 2010

Another great trip with a great group! SR - Tulip Barge 09


Overall a really nice trip. The flowers really made it all come together. And the Dutch people have my vote as the nicest people on the planet—and so is their pastry. DD - Tulip Barge 09


We are still pinching ourselves to believe we were really there! As we wrote Ken, he is a great goodwill ambassador for Egypt. It was a perfect trip in all aspects and we look forward to keeping up with all. RH - Egypt 09


We had a memorable experience and would not trade it for anything. C&B D - Egypt 09

Ken was great. I’m amazed at his wealth and depth of knowledge. In addition, he is very passionate about Egypt and went above and beyond to make sure we saw everything.
CW - Egypt 09

Ken -- Thanks for a wonderful experience! You really did everything possible to jam pack our trip with value, experiences and learning opportunities. Somehow you also managed to attract a wonderful group of people. I really enjoyed meeting and traveling with every single member of our group. SD - Egypt 09

Ken is a fabulous tour planner; the accommodations, logistics, venues, and entertainment choices were superb. It was a good mix of things you have to see when you go to Egypt and things you might not have expected. I would take his recommendations on what to see any time. EL - Egypt 09


You cannot put a price on finding a true educational tour. Pricing structure is within our means. We are not millionaires. CC - Sicily/Malta 2008

The trip was wonderful as always. CJ - Poland, 2008

The Le Royal Meridien Hotel was superb in all ways; it may well be the most deluxe hotel I have ever had the pleasure to stay in! A group of us enjoyed before dinner drinks in the elegant bar and the breakfast was outstanding. KS - Poland, 2008

Great trip with a great group of people! Sicily and Malta are lovely; they contains spectacular sites, wonderful food, and gorgeous vistas. SR - Sicily/Malta, 2008

I had a really good time and just loved Poland. The country was much more than I expected it to be and I was pleasantly surprised at every turn. The group was just the right size. Met some interesting people that I hope to stay in contact with. It is always fun to travel with like-minded individuals. CN - Poland, 2008

I don’t know how you could improve on this. I would go back again if you went to different areas that we did not see. Kenya Tanzania, 2008

It was a very special and outstanding experience, packed with one day exceeding the other. Thank you, Ken. Egypt, 2008



I am still carrying the awe and wonder of this trip. I had been looking forward to it for a year and feared that it couldn’t live up to my expectations. I was wrong. It exceeded my expectations. I learned so much and experienced so much that each day even more seems to sink in. A true trip of a lifetime. Egypt, March, 2008


It was a perfect blend of activities. What a memorable trip!! As always, nice group of folks on the trip. Medici Trip, 2007

I loved the barge ride, the scenery is beautiful.  I liked the ability to stop at different towns, walk around, visit churches & museums and then return to the boat.  Ken, our guide, was a delight.  He was knowledgeable, thoughtful, energetic, and just plain nice.  I’ve seen some guides who hated the job (or people) and it transferred to the group, making for a miserable trip.  Not so here, Ken was always up-beat and interesting.  The trip was everything I had hoped for and more.  Next, I want to do a barge trip thru the Netherlands.  When can we go?
Rhine Barge, AH, 2007

This trip exceeded all our expectations!  Ken is a gem!  The sites visited were very interesting and well selected.  One revealing incident was our visit to a church in Bacharach (?)…  We were the only group in sight to visit this place – no Globus bus, leaders with flags, etc.  It illustrates the gems in each IH trip that make it a cut above the others.  The group had no crazies in it and was simply delightful.  We remain committed to International Horizons.  You can shout this to the roof-tops. Rhine Barge, P&BB, 2007


The trip was very exciting and included a lot of things. It is always nice to see the basics and some unusual things like the trip to Da Tong. We have come to expect that with an IH trip! Thanks! NJ - China, 2007

An excellent trip as usual. When I signed up for the trip, it was in the dark, without an itinerary. Once again, Ken did a great job putting a trip together for us. A year ago, on a good day I could find China on the map. Between doing some pre-trip reading and learning on the trip, I have increased my knowledge tremendously. We both look forward to going on future trips with ken (next trip 3 months!). CC - China, 2007

The visit to the Vasari Corridor was fabulous!!! One of the definitely highlights of the trip. Also, it made the trip very interesting to have the theme of the Medici family to tie events together--given there is SO much to see in Florence. 2 days of visits to the villas and gardens were perfect to balance out the churches/museums, etc. in the city. It was a perfect blend of activities. What a memorable trip!! As always, nice group of folks on the trip. CU - Tuscany, 2007

We had a great group this time. For me, the butterfly garden, hummingbirds and boat trip were the highlights. It’s great to be surrounded by wildlife that we normally only see in zoos or photos at home.. DK - Costa Rica, 2007

We will certainly travel with IH in the future. We are interested in going to Greece, Sicily, on the Rhine River Cruise, and the Impressionists trips. MG - Medici, 2007

Each day was fact and fun filled! An adventure all around. Beautiful country and we feel we saw a great portion of it. Flora, fauna, wildlife all superb! KF - Costa Rica, 2007